Three Principle of Preserving Cave

stalagmit di luweng musuk

sulung prasetyo doc.
Small stalagmite in Luweng Musuk cave, East Java, Indonesia.

Every time and then, a cavers had nothing to lose as well. So many caves there are in Indonesia. Many are already open to the public, be it general or specific tour. So the opportunity to feel the mystery cave, complete with ornaments strangely, is actually wide open.

Cave ecosystem actually is very unique. Derived from karst or limestone rocks eroded continuously, thus creating holes. Many holes even bigger than aircraft hangars, many of them are just as small hole, just enough for one body infiltrates.

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Save Environment with Tea

Tea drinking habits had done centuries by humans. Many peoples say the habit of drinking tea originated from China. Many also assume that the Japanese who started first. Regardless of who started it, the process of tea production directly or indirectly definite effect on the environment as well.

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How to Preserve the Environment from Office

In general, the office will be filled with archives and various equipment for work. Archives can pile for years, ranging from paper forms to compact discs to the computer. Used computer equipment as well as various kinds, ranging from old-fashioned to modern present.

green-officeOffice processes active pattern will actually have an impact on the environment. Start from papers coming from the trees, until the energy consumption for the printer engine. By doing the little things, the office can actually help save the environment.

The easiest thing to do is to replace all forms of collection letters, by not using paper. Indeed there will be good and bad of this option, however, re-affirmed the intention of saving trees by saving paper. Reducing a piece of paper means also minimizing the use of 63 gallons of water, 4.5 gallons of gasoline, and 17 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Preserve the Environment with Twitter

Intention of preserving the environment can go through with anything. It could came from the most difficult things, challenging, or even from the easiest though. One of them is by utilizing social networks like twitter, which is now much people loved.


First steps that can be done is to convey the message of environmental sustainability, along with a variety of reasons, through tweet or message on twitter. One of the advantages of Twitter are short messages are readily accepted as information. Give short messages which remind about littering, or the facts about global warming, the addresses of any green websites, news or simple tips to help preserve the environment, is worth more than the contents of the message reads simply whining or sheer narcissism.

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