Subak Bali Became Extinct

Balinese farming system, Subak feared could become extinct, if the depreciation rate of agricultural land continues to happen. This was stated by Steve Lansing, researcher of anthropologist ecology in Annual Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) sixth Conference in Bali, which is still going on until Saturday (31/8/2013).

“Landscape and cultural traditions known as subak is very popular, so the farmers had to sell their farms to developers, and makes extensive production decreased 1,000 hectares of land every year,” Lansing said.

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Fishermen Children Working Five Hours a Day

Although the Indonesian government has issued regulations regarding the protection of children from the obligation to perform the work, in fact there are many children of fishermen who were forced to work for at least five hours per day. This report was issued by the People’s Coalition for Fisheries Justice (Kiara), Friday (05/07/2013).

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Import Food Worsens Environment

Environmental Care Behavior Index (IPPL) in 2012, ┬áindicating that the Indonesian people do not behave in a caring environment running the day-to-day life. Is one of the main most people’s consumption behavior to meet the needs. Where 49.3 per cent in the form of food consumption that comes from foreign or import from other state.

“This situation will certainly have an impact on the environment such as rising carbon emissions transportation activities such foodstuffs from the origin place of destination,” said Environment Minister of Indonesia, Balthazar Kambuaya, in Jakarta, Monday (10/6/2013).

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Indigenous People Can Help Fight Illegal Logging

Indigenous peoples can be a spearhead to eradication of illegal logging. Its because they are located mostly near natural or primary forests.Now, just how to facilitate and support them to those efforts.

Secretary General of the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago (Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara/AMAN), Abdon Nababan said in Jakarta, Friday (05/24/2013) in response to rampant illegal logging in Indonesia.

“Constitution Court’s ruling to gives autonomy to the indigenous people to handle their own forest, and is not part of the state forest, the indigenous people could be at the forefront of combating illegal logging,” he explained.

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Tiger and Giant Paddy Stories of Betang Toyoi

betang toyoi pole

sulung prasetyo
Pole gate at betang Toyoi, Tumbang Malahoi village, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia contained therein folklore, which on Friday (02/22/2013) still stands firmly.

Recognize an indigenous community can be through a variety of ways. One of them by knowing about folklore in it. As in the Dayak community who are in Tumbang Malahoi, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Who ever would have thought there was a story about a tiger and a giant rice, which may have indeed existed in the days of long ago.

The stories was unfolded by Animar n Toyoi, a direct descendant of the family of Toyoi, homeowners of long house or betang Toyoi in Tumbang Malahoi. Animar is a descendant of a fourth family of Toyoi. She is often found to be pleased to receive guests newcomer to the custom house, which in 1869 was estimated built.

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