Finding The Indonesia Forest Burner

Several years ago, many peoples argue about the causes of forest fires. One of them with a scapegoat phenomenon like El Nino, the heat carrier in the air. In 2011, every thing was change, because even though there was no El Nino, it turns out wildfires still occur with such ferocity.

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Forest Fire Intentional Happens

Forest fires which are now re-occurred, claimed to be an intentional effort. Government assertiveness against arsonists needed to cover the gap, which can exacerbate damage to the environment. This was stated by the representatives of the Wahana Lingkungan Hidup (Walhi) NGO’s, Friday (21/06/2013) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Air Pollution Kill 7 Million People in The World

A recent study issued by the journal of Lancet gave evidence, that in 2010 seven million people in the world were killed because of air pollution.
Robert O’Keefe, Vice President of the Health Effects Institute, the study’s authors provide explained, that 3.5 million people worldwide have been killed in 2010 because of air pollution in the area.

“While outdoor air pollution kills 3.3 million people, as well as ground-level ozone pollution kills 200.000 people,” explained Robert, Wednesday (4/9/2013).

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Poor Quality of the River in Indonesia

Condition of most of the rivers in Indonesia is very bad. However, the government does not pay attention to make improvements. Though widely expected to zero percent waste disposal can be applied, because the waste is polluting the rivers culprit.

“I should waste being dumped into the same river as clear as when first used. The concept of zero discharge is supposed to be applied to the rivers in Indonesia, “said Yuyun Indradi from Greenpeace Indonesia in Jakarta, Tuesday (4/12/2012).

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