Giant Sea Wall Can’t Save Jakarta

The construction of a giant wall at sea, to avoid the effect of sea level rise, will increasingly Jakarta flood. Mitigation should be done with the expansion of green areas and river dredging periodically. “Giant Sea Wall will give birth to a number of new problems that harm communities and government,” said Mida Saragih, National Coordinator of the Civil Society Forum for Climate Justice (CSF – CJI) , Tuesday (17/9/2013) in Jakarta.

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Marine National Park in Indonesia Became More Exclusive

Now, the existence of a marine national park in Indonesia is difficult to develop. It because of overlap with the private ownership of small islands in it. While in reality the private ownership of these islands, did not contribute for the conservation in the marine national park.

“Most of the tour organizer imposed contribution fee when the people come, but it contributes only for personal benefit, not for financing the preservation of the area,” explained F.Kurung, head of the Karimun Jawa National Park , Central Java, Indonesia, Thursday (06/06/2013).

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Every Second Two Shark Died

???????????????????????????????Shark massacre is considered excessive. Every second, two sharks were slaughtered, and Indonesia was the world’s top shark slayer. CEO of WWF Indonesia, Efransjah, stated in the campaign #SOSharks (Save Our Sharks) in Jakarta, Friday (10/5/13).

The data is based on the results of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) study, which shows that Indonesia is at the top of the 20 countries in the world’s largest shark catchers. The practices done to 38 million sharks each year, from about 26-73 million sharks are caught in activities of world fisheries. This means about 1-2 individual sharks caught every second of it.

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