If Mangrove Gone Seafood Will Dissapear

Ten years ago, fishermen from Cirebon, Indonesia can be extended to Jakarta bay to search for crab. The result can be many more, than five years later. Now they have to bite the finger, because crabs almost never exist again in Jakarta Bay.

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Avoiding Disaster from Loss of Civilization

The life of human civilization is continues to change. Its not like in a straight line, continue climbing or descending. Now, substitution civilization is predicted could drastically loss with catastrophic disasters, which can erase a generation. The ability to adapt then expected to be the only way to survive, or at least minimize the impact of the catastrophic disaster. That a common thread, exposure to experts in a discussion on Disaster and Civilization, which was held in Jakarta, Monday (20/5/13).

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Need Traditional Wisdom for Disaster Anticipation

The worst case scenario disaster volcano still continue to be refined. Unfortunately, traditional wisdom not to put in the worst case scenario,because it only contains the knowledge about the condition of the disaster that would happen.


doc. sulung prasetyo
Making of Sabo dam, as a prevention from lava flood disaster in Merapi mountain, Central Java.

Head of Earth Dynamics and Geological Disaster Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia/LIPI) Haryadi Permana, Tuesday (20/12/2011), said the local wisdom or traditional knowledge will mostly contain the knowledge of the volcano, so it will not be included in the standardization of the worst case scenario which is still to be fixed.

The decision, according to him, was taken related to the inequality of knowledge between communities and the government in making the best decision for volcanic disaster.

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