REDD+ Agency Not Projects

At the climate change conference in Bali, in 2007, the program reduced emissions through deforestation and forest degradation (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation land/REDD) began sound propounded.

Such efforts are mitigation measures to reduce the impacts of climate change. Deforestation and land degradation makes the earth warmer conditions. Tree as sucking carbon dioxide (CO2) into fewer and fewer. Makes removable CO2, which already was in the space to be more and more. The CO2 excess to maintain the heat coming from the sun. So that the phenomenon of global warming being real.

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Indonesia Formed REDD+ Agency

To ensure the implementation of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from deforestation, forest degradation and peatland conversion, President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, on Saturday (31/8/2013) signed Presidential Decree No. 62/2013 to form a new entity called “REDD+ Agency”.

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Palm Oil Causes Largest Deforestation

International environmental organization, Greenpeace said palm oil producer groups who are members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil ( RSPO ), are major cause of deforestation in Indonesia from 2009-2011. Additionally RSPO also a contributor to 39 percent blamed the fire point, which occurs at their concession in Riau, from January to June 2013. Thus unfolded Greenpeace, in a report titled ‘Certified Destruction’, Tuesday (3/9/2013).

“RSPO wants its members to be leaders of the sustainability industry, but their standards are free to destroy forests and draining peatlands,” said Bustar Maitar, from Greenpeace Indonesia.

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Subak Bali Became Extinct

Balinese farming system, Subak feared could become extinct, if the depreciation rate of agricultural land continues to happen. This was stated by Steve Lansing, researcher of anthropologist ecology in Annual Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) sixth Conference in Bali, which is still going on until Saturday (31/8/2013).

“Landscape and cultural traditions known as subak is very popular, so the farmers had to sell their farms to developers, and makes extensive production decreased 1,000 hectares of land every year,” Lansing said.

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Low of Public Participation in Mining

A recent study issued by Indonesia Environment Forum (Walhi), Thursday (29/08/2013) indicates the level of community participation shockingly low, associated with decision-making in the field of mining.

“Even in the zoning process mining, the community is in a position only the lowest participation rate, that is manipulation,” said Asep Yunan Firdaus, principal scientist in that report.

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Many Bank Not Care About Environmental

Most banks in Indonesia indicated excessive disburse funds, for the business that is not environmentally friendly, such as palm oil. While the impact of social conflict and environmental damage, lack of a parameter such disbursement.

“Banks still provide the main criteria for granting credit based solely on the prospects of the industry, regardless of whether the company could lead to social conflict or high environmental impact,” explained Mouna Wasef from Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), Wednesday (21/08/2013).

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