Import Food Worsens Environment

Environmental Care Behavior Index (IPPL) in 2012, ¬†indicating that the Indonesian people do not behave in a caring environment running the day-to-day life. Is one of the main most people’s consumption behavior to meet the needs. Where 49.3 per cent in the form of food consumption that comes from foreign or import from other state.

“This situation will certainly have an impact on the environment such as rising carbon emissions transportation activities such foodstuffs from the origin place of destination,” said Environment Minister of Indonesia, Balthazar Kambuaya, in Jakarta, Monday (10/6/2013).

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Going To Green Economy

At the presentation of the environmental conditions in the Citarum river, revealed that the phenomenon of rising world temperatures is not just a children story. Rizaldi Boer, Executive Director of the Center of Climate Risk and Opportunity Management in Southeast Asia and the Pacific (Centre for Climate Risk and Opportunity Management in Southeast Asia and Pacific / CCROM-SEAP) states, that the rise  temperature in the Citarum really happened. According to calculations in the beginning of this April 2013, there was the original temperature rise about 26 degrees to 27 degrees Celsius, from 1998 to 2006. Continue reading

Indigenous Peoples Makes Green Economy as a Patron

Projected development of a green economy believed had more human instict. It could be the future patron development of indigenous peoples.

“Natural resources in the various communities of indigenous believed to amount to much. Unfortunately there are many which still have not been maximum empowered, ” said Secretary General of the Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (Aman), Abdon Nababan, in an informal discussion about the Green Energy in Indigenous Peoples, held in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia on Wednesday (20/02/2013).

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