Forest Fire Reach Moratorium Peatland

peta kebakaran hutan

courtesy of cifor
Hotspots in burned peatland area in Riau, Indonesia from June 17, till 25, 2013.

A recent data issued by the Centre for International Forestry Research (Cifor), Monday (8/7/2013) shows that the area of ‚Äč‚Äčland burned in Riau, Indonesia are also found in peat forests moratorium.

In a latest software application called Interactive Tool Fire Risk seen that 3 percent of the sampled area, most of the hotspots are seen in locations that known as peat forest moratorium.

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Intensification Plantation Reduce Environmental Damage

The addition of plantation production, through improved technology is more likely to benefit, rather than breaking new ground. In addition to the economic value increases, also reducing the environmental damage caused by land use change. This was stated by the representatives of the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) and the University of Palangkaraya, in Jakarta, Monday (07/01/2013).

“By way of intensification, through improved technology, the plantation can produce more. In contrast to the way extension is also raising production, but tends to destroy the environment because it needs to open up more land,” said Jane Wilkinson, from the CPI.

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Every Second Two Shark Died

???????????????????????????????Shark massacre is considered excessive. Every second, two sharks were slaughtered, and Indonesia was the world’s top shark slayer. CEO of WWF Indonesia, Efransjah, stated in the campaign #SOSharks (Save Our Sharks) in Jakarta, Friday (10/5/13).

The data is based on the results of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) study, which shows that Indonesia is at the top of the 20 countries in the world’s largest shark catchers. The practices done to 38 million sharks each year, from about 26-73 million sharks are caught in activities of world fisheries. This means about 1-2 individual sharks caught every second of it.

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