New Rat Genus Prove Wallacea Line Theory

tikus halmahera

Halmaheramys bokimekot

One type rat discovered as new species in Halmahera. The results are revealed in the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Foundation, October 2013 issue. “We call this a new species of mice with Halmaheramys bokimekot,” explained Pierre H. Fabre, from the University of Copenhagen in the study abstract, which is spread on Sunday (22/9/2013).

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Komodo Inauguration as New Seven Wonders of the Natural World

komodo profil

doc. sulung prasetyo
Komodo as endemic fauna in Indonesia.

Komodo dragon become the new seven wonders of the natural world, after the inauguration was held on Friday (13/9/2013) in the Komodo National Park (KNP) in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Indonesia. “We are proud of this award, this could be a trigger for the betterment of the nation,” said President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who was present at the inauguration ceremony.

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The Ailing of Flora Melanesiana

Indonesia is known as a mega diversity country. Wealth of flora and fauna in it, is very diverse and numerous. Proven to palm plant species, are the first in the world. With 477 species, 225 endemic and native in Indonesia .

Palm tree, are widely grown in Southeast Asia. Because of the tropical climate and the type of lowland forest, meet in many of the area. Unification of several Southeast Asian countries called Melanesiana. It including Indonesia, Malaysia , Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, East Timor and Papua Nugini. So naturally when plants therein, such as palm, is almost the same average .

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1800 Alien Species Invasive Indonesia

There are more than 1800 species of alien flora and fauna, have entered Indonesia. Several unidentified species existence . This was stated by Deputy Environmental Degradation Control and Climate Change Ministry of Environment of Indonesia, Arif Yuwono, Wednesday ( 28/08/2013 ) .

“Alien invasive can cause significant economic impact, such as the costs to be incurred to conduct prevention, control, and loss of production,” said Arif.

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Orangutan Start Walking

High deforestation rate, making the location of orangutans living increasingly gone. Distribution also narrowed orangutans live. Higher conflict with humans, and foster new behaviors often start walking.

“Orangutans are in trouble now, because their habitat disappears. They need a living tree, but a lot of natural forests converted into oil palm plantations, “said Niel Makinuddin, from The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Thursday (22/8/2013).

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