me2The writer was born in Jakarta, dozens of years ago. Spent his childhood in the area of ​​Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Indonesia. Now, lived in Jl. Bintara Jaya IV-West Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia.

Since of Senior High School (SMA), adventure is the author interest hobby, and joined outdoor activity club of Edelweiss 804 in Jakarta. That interest then continued as an undergraduate at the University of Indonesia (UI), by becoming a member of outdoor activity club named Mahasiswa Pecinta Alam/Nature Lovers Students University of Indonesia (Mapala UI).

The blog itself is a collection of articles from the writers, starting in 2000 onwards. Most articles have been published in several national media such as Sinar Harapan daily, Kompas, Media Indonesia, Matra Magazine, and online sites such as www.scidev.net and www.ngarai.com.

Now the author worked as a journalist in Sinar Harapan daily, also contributor in http://www.scidev.net, as well as the founder and consulting editor at http://www.ngarai.com. Moreover, now author also served as the Secretary-General for the Society of Indonesian Environmental Journalists (SIEJ) for 2010-2013 period.


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