Giant Sea Wall Can’t Save Jakarta

The construction of a giant wall at sea, to avoid the effect of sea level rise, will increasingly Jakarta flood. Mitigation should be done with the expansion of green areas and river dredging periodically. “Giant Sea Wall will give birth to a number of new problems that harm communities and government,” said Mida Saragih, National Coordinator of the Civil Society Forum for Climate Justice (CSF – CJI) , Tuesday (17/9/2013) in Jakarta.

According to the practical construction of wall, will be slowing the flow of water discharge thirteen rivers that empty into the Bay of Jakarta, and stimulate rivers silting. When this takes place, the government had to dredge the river on a regular basis, so as not to cause flooding.

“The government should seriously prepare expansion of green open space, up to 30 percent in order to provide protection against micro-climate and air quality,” said Mida.

According to the study of the People’s Coalition for Fisheries Justice (Kiara), deterioration in the quality of coastal ecosystems Jakarta takes place very quickly, and did not pay attention to implications for the capacity of the environment. In between mangrove area of ​​1,134 hectares in 1960, is now left with no more than 15 percent. One main cause is conversion way for the expansion of land or land reclamation. With the permission of the government, a number of property companies and warehousing implement the reclamation.

Selamet Daroyni, Coordinator of Education and Strengthening Networks of Kiara insists Giant Sea Wall construction project is part of the MP3EI that only encourages physical development such as ports, toll roads which aims to improve the mobility of goods and services.

“Development does not pay attention to the physical carrying capacity of the environment and natural resources. Giant Sea Wall project is also a form of deprivation of coastal communities living space and indifferent to the future of the city,” explained Slamet.

With coastal management model that profanity, Jakarta condition predicted worse. Sea level rise Jakarta Bay reached an average of 0.57 cm per year. This could potentially soak coastal areas between 0.28 to 4.17 meters in 2050. All of this was revealed in the research of Susandi Armi (2007 ) titled “The Effect of Climate Change in Jakarta by Calculated temperature rise rate in Jakarta and Sea Level Rise”.

Further in the study, some areas of which Penjaringan, Pademangan, Tanjung Priok, Koja, Cilincing and Soekarno – Hatta will be submerged in water. Social and economic mismanagement coastal management will displace at least 14,316 lives in six fishing village communities.


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