Palm Oil Causes Largest Deforestation

International environmental organization, Greenpeace said palm oil producer groups who are members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil ( RSPO ), are major cause of deforestation in Indonesia from 2009-2011. Additionally RSPO also a contributor to 39 percent blamed the fire point, which occurs at their concession in Riau, from January to June 2013. Thus unfolded Greenpeace, in a report titled ‘Certified Destruction’, Tuesday (3/9/2013).

“RSPO wants its members to be leaders of the sustainability industry, but their standards are free to destroy forests and draining peatlands,” said Bustar Maitar, from Greenpeace Indonesia.

Indonesia alone is estimated to have lost about 1.24 million hectares of forest, during the period 2009-2011. The amount is equivalent to 620,000 hectares per year. According to the official map issued by the Ministry of Forestry, Indonesia is the largest producer of crude palm oil in the world today. Allegedly a lot of forest lost, converted to palm oil production.

The analysis also shows, that the concession area is controlled by the oil companies who are members of the RSPO palm, accounted for 39 percent of the hotspots in the palm oil concession in Riau Province, from January to June this year,”added Bustar.

On the other hand, Secretary General of RSPO, Darrel Webber states that have asked their members to submit five digital map of their concessions in Indonesia. These five companies are Sime Derby , Kuala Lumpur Kepong (KLK), Golden Agri Resources (GAR), Tabung Haji Plantation and PT . Java Jaya Perkasa .

From the results of the analysis with the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), proved that Sime Derby has 6 areas that had been identified hotspots. While GAR there are 3 points , and KLK had 1 point. Tabung Haji and Java Jaya Perkasa has not proven had hotspots .

From this evidence, Webber stated the need for future mitigation efforts, so that forest fires do not recur in the coming years.

“We believe that prevention can be achieved with the cooperation of various parties,” said Webber, on different occasions.

Webber also suggested that members of the RSPO began to adopt the point of preventing the spread of fire in their own concessions.


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