Save Environment with Tea

Tea drinking habits had done centuries by humans. Many peoples say the habit of drinking tea originated from China. Many also assume that the Japanese who started first. Regardless of who started it, the process of tea production directly or indirectly definite effect on the environment as well.

Just look at the possibility of expansion of tea plantation, can cause of the higher interest of the community to enjoy the hard-trunked plants. Not to mention the process of making tea production to meet the various requirements to be considered for maximum results.

To reduce the impact of tea plants on the environment, a lot of things that can actually be done. The action can be initiated by choosing wisely when you want to buy tea. Try to buy a lot at once because it can reduce packaging waste as well. While the package, select the package which is easily decomposed by soil.

Then brewed tea with efficiently. Do not waste energy by allowing heat to boil water for tea left in place too long on the stove. To keep the water hot, use a thermos, rather than reheat water that has been cooked.

Make the best tea, should not be wasted or many who fall outside of the packaging, and to litter. To keep the tea still favors, place the tea in a cool and protected so that the tea can still be enjoyed at any time, even in a long time.

Note also with tea waste bins. According to many people, tea waste, either in the form of brewed tea or tea bags, has many benefits. Good one for the environment is to use the waste bins for compost tea plants. So, in addition to not adding to the garbage, can also help improve the environment with trees healthier.

Note also the plastic waste from bottled tea. Keep the garbage can be used in such a manner, before actually should be discarded. As for waste paper, can be used for many things, like cigarette ashes ashtray, before finally thrown in the garbage.


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