Save the Environment with Coffee

Its difficult to ascertain, since when people think to start drinking coffee. But the goat dance legend in Ethiopia, recognizable of coffee effects after seeing the goats to be agile, nimble and danced after eating of coffee berries.

Now, 70 percent of world coffee consumption is a type of arabica, which is lighter and flavorful. While the remaining 30 percent is robusta, which much less bitter, but the level of caffeine 50 percent higher.

The high coffee consumers clearly have an impact on the environment. Start from the process of planting coffee seedlings, until the finished coffee drink. However, with a few steps, the environmental impacts of coffee may be reduced.

Such as reducing the number of new coffee land clearing, when will threaten natural forests. In this way, it will be more benefit from environmental services can be obtained, rather than just have a coffee farm. Water supply from natural forests will be better, than the water supply of the coffee plantation.

Choose a coffee product that has been certified environmental protection. Such certificate for organic crops, which means the product is more concerned with coffee soil and water resources, as well as health food. While Fair Trade certificate is a form of recognition of the coffee products that require a more fair trade, by shortening the supply chain of coffee is already long right now.

Then note the austerity measures when consuming coffee. Consider the amount of coffee that will be consumed by the glass, not to be a waste. Do not waste energy by cooking water for too long, which will be used to brew coffee. Note also that the desired amount of sugar, as a sweetener coffee.

Pay attention to the amount of garbage, is the important next step. Select large amounts of coffee, when shopping coffee. Buy coffee in small packs, will only add more and more difficult for nature to recycle of plastic garbage.


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