Save Energy in the Kitchen

The use of gas as fuel in the family today is no longer odd stuff. Especially after the government of Indonesia made ​​a new law requiring the removal of subsidies and replacing them with kerosene gas.

Sometimes the usage time of each different gas tube. Depending on the needs of each home while cooking and household size. Gas consumption levels also tend to increase towards the big day. However, each family must still save gas expenses.

The first thing that can be done is to close to the cooking pot or container while in use. That way it means the heat will be concentrated at the bottom of the lid and not wasted away. Logically heat will occur more quickly with the pot covered.

Another way to prepare food ingredients first, before turning on the fire. Do not also pour water into the pot before the fire was set because it will take a while when I have to pour more water, then bring it to the top of the stove. Better, prepare the water in the pot first. Once ready, the fire was lit and put the pan with water in it. Turn off the heat just before cooking food. With consideration of the heat still left to ripen food. This method can save a little gas through the heat is still stable in the pot or pan.

Benefit from the frying pan or a particular technology at its base. With such technology could have been the heat generated will be more effective and efficient.

The most effective way to save gas is to always clean the duct between the gas cylinder with stove, as well as a fire exit. The resulting fire could have been too small or just burn in certain places, and did not spread to the entire bottom of the container cookware so it takes a long time to cook.


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